New Play Development

Post-Dramaturgy Trauma is a real thing. It doesn’t have to be.

Multimedia Dramaturgy

Insight, support, and in-depth analysis for neglected areas where narrative structure is crucial.

Dungeons and Dramaturgy

Where a little research support helps your imagination take your campaign to a whole new level.

New Media Dramaturgy

A podcast without vitality of research is quickly exposed.

Production Research

In-depth, immediate, and applicable research.

Video Dramaturgy

The action to the word, the word to the action.

What is subTEXT

subTEXT was founded in late 2016 to respond to the wide range of applications possible for the versatile field of dramaturgy.

We believe dramaturgy is not useful solely in the theatre: the research, development, and consulting potential in fields reliant on storytelling, research, and content construction offers an untapped approach to the structure of any field.

We have extensive experience working through dramaturgical models in theatre, film, comic books, and video games, and offer incisive, deep research on made-to-order topics, tailored to your needs.

What can I expect?

One-on-one research consultation and assessment of needs

Tailored support and access to team expertise

Development of a personal password-protected resource base website, where links, research materials, and documents are collated, stored and presented for your business needs

Ongoing support until the conclusion of your project

What do we offer?

Whether it be contextual historical research for a film production; a narrative analysis for a video game; pre-production research for a theatrical performance; story editing for a comic book; or general historical research for your specific project, subTEXT’s tailored research services will be right for you.