Binder Fatigue Is a thing of the past

With subTEXT Digiturgy support, the world of Digital Dramaturgy is ready to elevate your next production. Far from the old-fashioned, time-consuming, actor-unfriendly ‘Dramaturgy Packets’ or ‘Protocols’ of the past, Digiturgy escapes the restrictive limitations of binder-bound research materials. Accessible on any internet-accessible device (including mobile phones), subTEXT Digiturgy is built around robust, tailored production research built specifically to your company’s needs.  In consultation with your production team, subTEXT Dramaturgs set up a Digital web presence and offer responsive support built for your show. subTEXT Dramaturgs base our success on five years of award-winning sustained excellence in the Digiturgy field in the area of higher education.

  • Web-based
  • Responsive, tailored research support
  • Technology-ready
  • Actor-friendly
  • Sliding scale of involvement


Contact us to discuss your Digiturgy needs: whether it be an information-gathering do it yourself package or fully hands-on Digiturgy, subTEXT has the solutions you are looking for.